100% of every dollar you donate is used for the enhancement, protection and maintenance of habitat for salmon and their ecosystems.


Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) and Nile Creek Enhancement Society (NCES) have joined as "sister habitat enhancement groups" across the Salish Sea, sharing a common mission to enhance and protect our fish habitat and watersheds, as well as our marine waters on which our salmonids depend.


Nile Creek Enhancement Society (NCES) is a non-profit group of local citizens committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the habitat and ecosystems integral to the survival of salmonids in the Strait of Georgia.  Its watersheds (which include aquifers, creeks, rivers and surrounding lands) support  all species of Pacific salmon and native trout. NCES supports and collaborates with other like-minded individuals, organizations, foundations and academia in their projects that enhance and protect aquatic habitat.

We are committed to helping those living locally and around the Strait of Georgia learn the importance of our salmon and other aquatic species and how everyone can contribute to their protection.


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